We had a Geography teacher at my school, I can’t remember his name, but his nickname was “hair bear” (big hair was big in the 70s). Hair Bear also taught sport including a bit of Hockey; what Hair Bear always wanted from us was “progress”and I guess that sums up our philosophy in the 5s, we are simply making progress. So while we lost yesterday it was the first game in our return legs and we “progressed”. At Sills we lost 4-0 and looked overwhelmed. Yesterday we scored to reduce the deficiet losing 4-1. Our second week of scoring so we have broken that voodoo. Their first goal was built on a series of lucky touches (or deft skills if you were a Sills fan) and their second just a series of lucky touches – they just were. 2-0 at half time and we came back at them, Owen Morgan calmly slotting home from the the edge of the D for this third goal in 2 games, then a Hampton touch (Gabriel or Owen G ) to deflect in. Unfortunatly that goal was disallowed as the umpires decided Sills had the last touch. A penalty flick and a breakaway scored after they kicked it out of their D (Just saying) left us with a final score of 1-4.  But our progress is their for all to see and we have much to look forward to in January. MoM nominations this week went to Paul, Peter and Dom all at the back. 

Wierd saying this on the 26 November (but we have no league games in December) but Happy Christmas. 


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