Playing top of the table Bromsgrove we frustrated them, we created chances and its a case of what might have been. The gap betwween top (them) and bottom (us) was very hard to see, we were on them and were coping well when Man of the Match Mark Hiles took a ball to the head, luckily it was not hard and there was no concussion but Mark went off as did Chris to administer antiseptic but Rupert and Owen M stepped in at left and right back and we still looked strong. Gradually they forced their way in and scored with one of their only chances of the half. We won shorts and kept pushing albeit that our other Man of the Match Paul Dunne in goal was keeping us alive at times. In the second half more of the first, we forced them back but got caught twice on the break. Being fair their second goal was a cracking break that any neutral would have admired. So another case of very well played with no reward but I know we are close to goals and points, we will just keep plugging away and the result will come.

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