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Our latest news

70th Anniversary Ball

Posted 2 March 2016

Hockey Club's 70th Anniversary Ball - tickets are now on sale! …

Comedy Night February 20

Posted 16 February 2016

The Sports Club is running a comedy event on Saturday February 20th from 7:30 pm.  …

Hockey sticks offer!

Posted 25 January 2016

Mercian sticks 45% - offer stands till 31st January! …

U12 Winners!

Posted 17 January 2016

This week snow stops play, but last week nothing could get in the way of our u12s! …

Our latest results

Date Team Opponent Result
20/07/16 Hawks (LSL) Warwick -
20/07/16 Eagles (LSL) Bromsgrove 2 -
19/07/16 Men's Summer League STRATFORD -
19/07/16 Hampton Lions BERKESWELL -
12/07/16 Hampton Lions SILS OLDIES -
12/07/16 Men's Summer League OLD SILHILLIANS -
06/07/16 Hawks (LSL) Bournville -
06/07/16 Eagles (LSL) Atherstone -
29/06/16 Eagles (LSL) Nuneaton -
28/06/16 Hampton Lions OLTON MUFFINS -
28/06/16 Men's Summer League SOLIHULL BLOSSOMFIELD -
24/06/16 Men's 3rd (A) Old Hales -
21/06/16 Men's Summer League OLTON BEARS -
21/06/16 Hampton Lions WAFWOTAM -
15/06/16 Eagles (LSL) Bromsgrove -
15/06/16 Men's Summer League SUTTON PIRATES -
14/06/16 Hampton Lions KINGS HEATH -
12/06/16 Hawks (LSL) Stratford -
09/06/16 Hampton Lions BERKSWELL -
07/06/16 Men's Summer League STRATFORD -

Upcoming fixtures

Date Team Opponent Fixture
26/07/16 Men's Summer League SUTTON PIRATES Home
28/07/16 Hampton Lions KINGS HEATH Away
10/09/16 Men's 1st Plum tournament Away
17/09/16 Men's 2nd (TBC) Old Sils Away
17/09/16 Men's 3rd (TBC) Old Sils Away
17/09/16 Men's 4th (TBC) Old Sils Away
17/09/16 Men's 1st (H) Gloucester City Home
24/09/16 Men's 5th (TBC) Warwick Away
24/09/16 Badgers (TBC) Warwick Away
24/09/16 Men's 3rd (A) Old Hales 3s Away
24/09/16 Men's 2nd (H) Old Hales 2s Home
24/09/16 Men's 1st (A) Old Hales 1s Away
24/09/16 Men's 4th (H) Old Hales 4s Home

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