Cancellation Policy – Saturday Home Games

Home captains will keep a close watch on the weather forecast. If bad weather appears a possibility then the Home Captain(s) will either plan to inspect the pitch themself or contact the Chairman or a Club Captain and agree a time when a pitch carry inspection will be carried out.

  • If someone is inspecting the pitch on behalf of a Home Captain, they will make a recommendation to the Home Captain at the agreed time
  • Home Captain(s) will notify decision to The Umpires Coordinator by text
  • Home Captain(s) will notify players
  • Home Captains will notify opposition (positive confirmation required)
  • Home Captains will notify umpires, unless 1st XI game when the Umpires Coodinator will notify umpires and/or assessor
  • Home Captains need to notify league secretary

If a game has to be postponed the home club shall notify immediately by telephone, the umpires and the opposition and the Divisional Secretary. In the case of 1st XI league matches (only) they shall also notify Messrs. Russells by 4.30 p.m. on the day of the match. Failure to comply will result in a penalty under Rule 18.2.

Cancellation Policy – Saturday Away Games

Fixtures Secretary will receive notification from opposition

  • Fixtures Secretary will notify team Captain
  • Team Captain will need to notify players & any umpire that may be travelling

Cancellation Policy – Sunday

Decision to play/train will be taken on Saturday evenings

  • Decision will be published on website
  • All members will need to check website before travelling!